Lyons Auctioneers Ltd is a property management and letting agent based in Galway city.

Our offices are located in Woodquay, which is in the city centre and is easily accessible for all our clients’ customers and the general public.

We are a long-established company with expertise in many areas of the property management, investment and rental market including commercial, industrial, distribution and residential sectors.

Westbrook House, 28 Woodquay, Galway.
Tel – 00353 (0) 91 – 563177
Fax – 00353 (0) 91 – 563178



  •  Services we provide

  • Property management
  • Property rental / letting
  • Estate management
  • Sale and acquisition
  • Investment
  • Maintenance


  • Property Management

We manage all aspects of the cycle of property management including:

  • advice on type of leases
  • terms and conditions
  • tenant suitability
  • collection of rent, insurance and service charges
  • issue tenant notices

We advise landlords on the various aspects of management and letting in order to maximise the return on their investment.

  • Rental & Letting

One of our main functions is the sourcing of suitable tenants and occupiers for the premises which we have available on our books. We will advise you on the most effective marketing strategies and the type of tenant best suited to your needs.

We promote the properties on our website and relevant third party websites, such as Daft.ie. Where appropriate and beneficial, we also use local and national press to promote property to a wider audience.

We generate material for information dossiers in-house and arrange for on-site signage where necessary.

We engage with all potential customers, provide information on the property, arrange and attend inspections, negotiate terms and conditions, arrange leases with your advisors, organise lease signing and initial payments to clients accounts, etc.

  • Estate Management

For property owners with multiple properties and portfolios we can provide a full estate management service on behalf of owners. The Agent carries out multiple functions in the management of the portfolio and delivers a comprehensive service to the client.

  • Sale & Acquisition

Lyons Auctioneers Ltd are licensed to carry out sales of all types of property on behalf of owners. We advise on the best approach to bring your property to market and carry out the promotion/advertising campaign required.

We advise intending investors on their acquisition plans, be they large or small, on performance prospects and on funding options.

  • Investment

Whether it is a single investment or larger portfolio, we have built up a wealth of knowledge in the property investment field and we are happy to engage and advise investors on their investments as well as their long-term potential and strategies.

  • Maintenance

As part of our management service we can provide a maintenance service up to the level of client requirement. As management agents we have built up a core group of maintenance and repair service providers who are available at short notice to carry out essential repairs and maintenance work as they arise. For larger and more detailed works we have access to an array of specialised contractors who can carry out most of the works required.

Where additional or extra works are carried out this is done by agreement with the client and at additional cost. All maintenance works and services are billed directly to the landlord on completion of works.